How do I find fast and efficiently:

  • A new distribution partner in Italy with excellent contacts in the market of plastic disposables?
  • What about a distributor in Argentina?
  • International business contacts for marketing of reagents and diagnostics?
  • Is there an importer in China in the field of veterinary diagnostics?
  • Which company could be a potential partner for joint venture in Southeast Asia?
  • Who do I contact in the Arabic countries to market home healthcare products?

You as an international Sales Professional certainly know those questions: There are plenty of catalogues, listings, data bases and data pools with addresses in medical device technology. But those are all more or less of general nature not providing information on branch segments and product fields where each distributor specializes successfully in on his local market. Even more difficult is the search for a suitable distribution partner if needed for a special product in a particular country. Here the common known directories are of little help.

Now there is the solution to this problem and the answer to your questions: The World Directory MEDICAL DISTRIBUTORS by SCHILLINGER (BDU).

The World Directory MEDICAL DISTRIBUTORS is the most extensive directory of trading companies and distributors for medical technological products on the international market with a unique classification system. The directory supplies the complete address plus contact data for web and eMail communication in addition to further details on contact persons including names, title and position. It is listed also, in which professional respectively product fields the company operates. All information is classified by countries as well as according to product- and operational fields, completed by a company directory plus a directory of persons each with reference to the according entry. The entire address pool results from business contacts established of the more than 30 years of business activities of SCHILLINGER (BDU). Each and every one of those contacts was checked and verified for this new edition of the World Directory MEDICAL DISTRIBUTORS. With its 5000 selected addresses in 130 countries sorted by 300 product groups, the World Directory MEDICAL DISTRIBUTORS is the perfect guide and indispensable reference work for export and the international business in medical device technology. This directoy is most helpful and informative for trade fair organizers as well as seminar- and congress organizers, B2B service providers, economic organizations, market researchers and headhunters: In short, for everyone interested in contacts and information in the field of international medical device technology!

The World Directory MEDICAL DISTRIBUTORS is also available online as a database In addition, the online version offers its users a detailed search function for more than 28,000 medical products in 700 product groups and of course a function for full-text search as well. To complete the picture, you will also find detailed information about each listed company such as company size, year of founding, number of employees, subsidiaries, certifications and suppliers. All those valuable tools and information will help you to find your “perfect match” for doing business successfully. A management of favorites and a tool for data export to create letters makes it easy and efficient to contact your selected companies.

Exemplary excerpts from the online Database Standard search by country, city and product or full text search


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